Mina video

This was a project I had the idea for a while back, before the brain surgery, before the cancer diagnosis. I really wanted to make a music video featuring my kids. One for each kid that I really connected with and had a message I would want to say to them. The brain surgery and cancer diagnosis made the need for this project very urgent. I’ve been working on this since I got back from the hospital. There are two videos. One for Mina and one for Will. Next week will be Will’s.

Credit to Ben Fold’s Gracie from his Songs for Silverman album. Thank you to my friend who finally won the Apple versus PC debate after I realized iMovie was what stuff like this was made for. I bought a MacBook Pro and made these little videos. It was not difficult and I look forward to making more. Thanks also to my friend who is an excellent audio-visual engineer and helped me determine ideal timing and zooming and all of those things that a rookie like me has no clue about.

I also need to apologize. If you become easily sentimental (like me) then you might want to grab a tissue or a paper towel. Or look up at the ceiling and say to no one, “I’m not crying, you’re crying!” So I am sorry if this makes you emotional at your cube at work, or in your uber, or at your favorite coffee shop. I’m right there with you.

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  1. John, I am a high school friend of your dad’s. He was like a brother to me and my sister, Pat Edwards, when we were in high school. Paul talked to Pat and she shared your website with me. I have read everything on this site and you are an awesome young man. I am so impressed with your positive attitude and your strong will to do all the right things. I am praying for you everyday. I know you will push forward and win this battle. God will never leave you. Trust in the Lord with all your night and believe strongly in the power of prayer. God bless you John. Joan Batson Bunch.

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