Recommended Reading and Media

This does not claim to be a road-map for beating cancer. These are resources that have helped me in my ongoing journey.

Books (Spirituality)

Books (Various)


Recovery– This spotify playlist is a set of 8 songs that I would listen to in the morning during my recovery from brain surgery at home. There are some heavy songs and some celebratory songs. I was trying to balance the weight of my trauma with a bright outlook for whatever day I was waking up to. This playlist is meant to be played in order.

Strength– This spotify playlist is pure, positive energy. I listened to it throughout the summer when I could start driving and was capable of typical day-to-day tasks during treatment. Yes, it’s got Katy Perry, and Mumford and Sons, and Coldplay. It’s meant to be played LOUD and unapologetically. I would listen to this in the morning, typically in the shower. Dancing and singing along was involved and SHOULD be. This playlist is meant to be played on shuffle.

Rhythm– This spotify playlist is nice and smooth. It’s something to start the day with. Sometimes you don’t need high energy. Sometimes you just need some easy songs to follow your heart beat. This playlist is meant to be played on shuffle.




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